No more painstakingly filling or remembering event details. Save events to your default calendar with one tap. Fill out the details and get a sharable link and QR code. Use our android app to directly add that event to your default calendar by opening the sharable link or scanning the QR code.

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Create an Event

Going to the movies tomorrow? Or is it a friend's birthday? Find an event you want to share and use our simple web interface or the android application to create the event by filling out event details like timings, location and description.

Share the Event

Click on "Save" and get your Event link and QR Code. Share the link amongst friends. Anybody having the android app can open the link using our app and save it to their default calendar instantly. The event link can also be opened in a browser and later added to Google Calendar.

QR Code

If the event is big, you can just add a small sized QR code at a corner of the event poster or invitation. Anybody having our app can scan it and save the event to their default calendar. Download the QR Code if you are using the web interface. If you are using the app, the QR Code can be saved to a desired location on your phone after the event is created.

Features and Advantages

Using EVENTual helps you and people around you to keep track easily.

  • Save time

    People are often reluctant to save events in their calendar due to the effort required to type down every single detail regarding the event.

  • Sharable Links

    Using EVENTual, only one person has to fill in the details and share the link. Every one else can just save it with the click of a button. These links can also be shared on facebook event pages, google forms etc.

  • QR Code

    QR codes can be easily generated and shared after an event has been created. These can be added to the corner of a poster or at the bottom of an invitation.

  • Scan and Save

    Using the app, the QR Code generated can be scanned and saved to the device's default calendar instantly.

  • Privacy

    Marking an event as private would hide it from all searches. Only the person who created it can see it under "My Events" and only people having the link can view it.

Stay punctual with EVENTual

EVENTual is easy to use. Get Started by creating and sharing your first event.